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Hello, new visitors and old; welcome to introductory post for Oblibby.com, my new home on the Web.  I decided it was time for a change, and what better time than a new year to implement all the new things – look, start, Wed address, direction, and focus.

I’m going to be posting a recipe every Thursday, with the aim to up this to 2 a week.  I’ll also still be posting my crafty makes, travel adventures and a bit about my life here in beautiful Scotland, along with regular reviews.  To add some variety (it is the the spice of life after all) from all the crafty and kitchen things, I’m going to get over my fear of being photographed share some of my favourite outfits and looks, which will show that everyone can wear really nice looking clothes and makeup without spending a fortune.  I’d love by the end of the year to be showcasing some of my own homemade clothes, as I’ve put myself on a bit of a buying ban this until I have a huge clear out.

Thanks for reading; I hope you’ll stay with me.  Feel free to leave me a comment if there’s anything you want to know about the things I show here.

Author: Oblibby

Living in Scotland, usually found in the kitchen, making things, or out with family/friends (when I'm not at work).

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