Seeing Spots

I have no idea where this week has gone; I always think the worst thing about winter is leaving for work and coming home in the dark.  It feels like by the time dinner is done and dusted, I just want to have the lights turned low and the flat nice and cosy, which means that really the only craft I do on weekday evenings at the moment is crochet, as I don’t need good light for it.  Anyway, there has definitely been a touch of light in the sky the past couple of days, so onwards and upwards.

Last summer I made a dress to wear to the wedding of close friends.  I decided that, as I’d been hearing good things about them, I’d try out a StyleArc pattern.  They’re an Australian company, but my pattern scuttled its way from the other side of the world really quickly.  I chose the Layla dress, mainly because I loved the neckline.  I made some basic alterations to the sleeve and skirt style just to make it look a little more glam. (original post about the dress is here if you’re interested.)

I was so pleased with my dress, I decided to make another one.  I chose this black and red polka-dot fabric because it reminded me of Sevilla, and we all know just how much I love that place!

Ooldes of Obliciousness - Seeing Spots

Again, I decided to slightly slim the skirt, add a godet, and lengthen the sleeves.  I’ll admit I hate my arms, so I much prefer to keep the covered.  I’m happy enough to do that because I do love some fancy sleeve detail, as you’ll see in my next dressmaking project.

As I used a stretch cotton, I decided not to bother with lining it, as didn’t want either the dress sagging over the lining or the lining bulking under the dress.  It’s always going to be a dress that I wear for a few hours at a time, and the fabric is a good weight (and I’m lazy), so I don’t think the lack of a lining detracts from the dress, other making it look badly finished when it’s hanging up.  Luckily no one sees the inside of it when I’m wearing it.

I wore it to a friend’s birthday party at the weekend, styled with black patent tango-style shoes and a waspy belt.  I wish my belt had been a bit narrower as I have a really short, high waist, but as usual, I left it to the last minute and couldn’t find one the correct width.  I have one on my shopping list now though.  Here I am in all finery.

Oodles of Obliciousness - Seeing Spots

Now, I need to make some nice black jewellery to wear with it.

I’ll definitely be buying more StyleArc patterns in the future.  This one needed barely any alterations, other than the design changes I chose to do.  The instructions were great and just seemed to make sense (hahah, if that makes sense!).  There are a few I’ll definitely be getting in the next month or so because I definitely have the sewing bug now and appear to have overcome my fear of inadequacy.

Until next time, thanks for looking.

L x

Oblibby, you shall go to the ball

Okay, so it’s probably the coldest summer in Scotland in a long, long time, but at least the crappy weather gives me an excuse to stay home and get cracked on with projects.

I’m making a dress and jewellery for my friends’ wedding in a couple of weeks, and so far, it’s all going very smoothly.  My last attempt at a dress was a Gertie pattern (Butterick B5953), and was an unmitigated disaster. Even though I had added a FBA allowance,  the top part just seemed too low and wide to cross properly.  I may have another go at some point but will try using a fabric with a bit of stretch instead of the recommended woven.

Anyway, on to my current project, a much more enjoyable experience altogether.  I’d heard good things about Style Arc, an Australian pattern company and their Layla design seemed to be exactly what I wanted, albeit with a bit a tweaking needed to give it a bit more of an ‘Old Hollywood Screen Siren’ vibe. At the moment I’ve done the bodice and the skirt; I’ve made a minor adjustment to the skirt, opting for a slightly longer, narrower silhouette, and adding a godet at the back instead of the kick pleat. I’m not sure if the godet will stay, or if there is enough give in the fabric to just do a wiggle skirt.

I’ve chosen a thickish stretch cotton, with a slightly satiny sheen to it, which I ordered from Fabric Godmother. It’s my first time ordering dress fabric online and I have to say I’m very very happy with it – it’s lush.

Oodles of Obliciousness - Style Arc Layla
Oodles of Obliciousness – Style Arc Layla

(don’t let the hangar size fool you – I’ve made it in a 14.)

I’ve not decided if I’m going to put the zip in yet. Part of my thinks if it fits well without it, just leave it out, but we’ll see. The one thing I will definitely change are the sleeves; the cap sleeves on the pattern are lovely, but I hate my upper arms, so wouldn’t be comfortable with them on show, also if the temperatures aren’t fantastic, I’ll feel less chilly with 3/4 length sleeves. I just need to find another pattern with sleeves which will fit, but I have a feeling I have one in a Burda Style mag which will be perfect.

Oodles of Obliciousness - Style Arc Layla
Oodles of Obliciousness – Style Arc Layla

I can’t wait to show you the beaded jewellery I’m making as well; I’m hoping it will go beautifully with the dress style and fabric.

Wish me luck!