Sophie’s Universe 2015 CAL – Parts 1-5

Finally, a crafty post on my new look blog!

I kept seeing Sophie’s Universes popping up in my Instagram feed and was really taken by how pretty they looked.  It’s been a wee while since I’ve had a crochet project on the go (with the exception of the Granny Square a Day – hahaha -blankets I’m (not) doing).

I decided to use Stylecraft Special DK from my stash.  It’s cheap, but doesn’t feel it, works up really well, comes in a great range of colours, and is easy to get a hold of.  I’ve now got the first 4 sections completed, and have decided I’m going to give the finished one to my niece when she starts school in August.  Because I love the design so much, I also got some Stylecraft Chunky to make another one for me.

I’m really enjoying the crochet along – it keeps me focused without allowing to go hell for leather and get sick of it quickly.  I’m still a behind, but once I get caught up, I’ll start me new one and try to work the 2 consecutively.

Here’s Sophie Parts 1-4:

Oodles of Obliciousness - Sophie's Universe (parts 1-4)
Oodles of Obliciousness – Sophie’s Universe (parts 1-4)

I’m being very good and sewing in my ends after each part, having learned my lesson from the first crochet blanket I did, where I spent as much time sewing the ends and bits together as I did crocheting, and almost lost the will to live in the process.

If you fancy having a go at Sophie’s Universe, you can find all the details over at the Look What I Made blog.  Don’t be put off by how complicated it looks, as long as you can do a basic crochet stitch and follow a pattern, you’ll be fine.  The instructions are really clear and easy to understand.

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