Product Review – Morphy Richards Soup Maker

I had a department store gift card which expired today.  I had sort of forgotten about it over Christmas, but suddenly remembered at the weekend and didn’t have a clue what to buy with it.  I neither needed nor wanted more clothes, shoes, makeup, perfume etc, so opted for them old fallback – something for the kitchen.  We have plenty of crockery, glassware, pans, and utensils, plus they’re a bit boring to buy yourself as a present, so I decided to look at some gadgets.

I remembered one of my friends had recently bought a soup maker, so asked her opinion on it; after hearing the good things she said, I thought why not – I might like it, it might come in useful and if not I can give it to my mum or sister.

I bought the Morphy Richards Soup Maker

Morphy Richards Soup Maker

I used it last night and absolutely loved it. I was late getting home, so it was 7:15 before I was even able to start prepping dinner.  I quickly chopped my ingredients, bunged them in with some water, put the setting to smooth and let it do it’s thing whilst I had a shower.  At 8pm we were sitting down to a lovely bowl of fresh soup.  For speed and ease it really is unbeatable – no stirring to stop the soup sticking and no having to decant from my enameled cast iron pots in order to use my stick blender.

It made enough soup for 4 main course portions, would easily do 6-8 for a starter/soup course, so will be ideal for dinner parties – one less thing to have to keep an eye on, which is always a bonus when you’re doing multiple courses.

As it made me so happy, I have written up a little bonus quick, cheap and easy recipe for Leek and Celeriac Soup.


Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and has no affiliate links. Product was bought by me for use in my home

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