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I’m still crocheting away on Sophie’s Universe.  One round to go on my first one and up to Section 8 (I think) on the one for me.  Sometimes I liked to take a week off and do something else, so few weeks ago, I decided to have a go at amigurami, mainly because I fell in love with some Lalylala patterns.  A couple fell into my basket, and I decided to have a go at Fibi the Fox first.

After a few mishaps, mainly because I wasn’t marking the start of my rounds (if you’re new to amigurami, please don’t think you won’t need markers – you will!).  Once I learned about using a scrap of yarn to mark my place, on Dedri’s blog I didn’t look back.

Although I love adapting patterns and I’ve seen a few of the Lalylala ones used as the basis for something else, I decided it would be a good idea to stick with the original design, especially as this was a first attempt., let me introduce you to Fibi, the cutest little fox you’re ever likely to meet.

Fibi the Fox
Fibi the Fox
Fibi the Fox
Fibi the Fox

I can thoroughly recommend these patterns.  I’ve already started my next one.

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