Chinese Lanterns

Can’t believe it has taken me 4 months to download the photos for this off my memory card. I feel like I’ve barely taken my camera anywhere this year, but maybe I was in need of a little break….anyways, onwards and upwards; I’m not going to say I’m returning to blogging, as every time I say that, it doesn’t quite happen, but I’m definitely trying. So, I hope you enjoy this one – I wrote the text at the time, but now it’s 4 months later but the lanterns were fab!


The moment I saw the advert for these giant lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo, I knew I had to go, so last month the hubster, favourite niece, my mum, and I all bundled up warmly against the February chill and ventured off to the zoo on a Saturday evening. As tickets needed to be bought in advance, we were so lucky with the weather, which was cold but dry and clear – not really something you can bank on in our neck of the woods.

I lugged my DSLR with 50mm and 35mm lenses and tripod, although in hindsight the tripod was a mistake as there were too many people to get it set up. I also wish I had just taken my nifty fifty and used my phone for the wider shots, which I ended up doing closer to the end of the evening.

The zoo recommended it takes around an hour and a half to see all the lanterns but it took us closer to 2 and a half hours, partly because I had given favourite niece my old phone to use as a camera and she wanted to take photos of all the flower ones, even though they looked quite similar.

If these lanterns ever come to your area, they are definitely worth a visit.

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