Travelogue: Sevilla, the most enchanting city of all (part II)

Time has flown yet again but finally getting myself settled back into the swing of life (and aiming to catch up on blogging, crafting, learning, and cooking).  I always just seem to want to hibernate when the nights are long and dark.

Following on from my earlier post, Day 3 and other procession.  This one was in Triana, just on the other side of the river from the city centre.  The streets were jam packed and we ended up waiting for ages because we were at the end of the procession, not the beginning.  This really gave me a feel of how the city would be during Semana Santa.  After it was all over we stayed in Triana for a bit, visiting a lovely little Abaceria, which had the most amazing cheese and jamon.

During the week we took a stroll up to La Cantina at Mercado de Feria for some tasty seafood tapas and on the way popped into Vizcaina for a drink. It’s an old style bar with sawdust on the floor, where your tab is chalked onto the counter.  I loved seeing the barrels from Bodegas Hidalgo, as we did the tour when we were in Sanlucar de Barrameda last year (and got an extra drink from the workers’ barrel!).

I love just wandering around soaking up the life of a city. Here are a few images of my favourite random snaps from this trip:

Oh…I almost forgot – I ate percebes for the first time!  I had wanted to try them for ages – they were okay but didn’t taste as exciting as they look.

As I’m determined to remain on a roll blogging-wise, I’ll be back tomorrow with my Thursday recipe. Time for some coffee and crochet now.


Travelogue: Sevilla, the most enchanting city of all (part I)

If you know me, you’ll already know my passion for Sevilla; it had been on my wish list for years and when we first visited I fell instantly in love, even though we spent a good proportion of the week getting lost!  We’ve been back quite a few times since and every time I love it a little bit more.  It was my birthday last month, so no prizes for guessing where I chose for my celebration trip.

Because we’ve been a few times before and have lots of photos, I thought I’d challenge myself a bit more this time.  I took only one lens and focused more on people and general life.  I had a lot of dud photos, as I only got the lens a couple of days before we travelled and I hadn’t had a chance to play around with it but becoming more adept with my camera is one of my goals, so I’m treating it as a learning process.

We were staying on Jesus del Gran Poder, at Plaza del Duque, which is a great location bang in the centre of town.

On the second day of the holiday it was my birthday and I was delighted to discover there was a small procession that evening, close to where we were staying.  I’ve always really fancied going in Semana Santa just to experience it once, but Stu thinks the crowds would drive him insane.  This one had a Cristo and Virgen.  The statues are stunningly beautiful and it’s quite a sight to see them floating down the street.

Some other images from the crowd:


After all the excitement, we needed a drink.  I love these mannequins watching over the wine.

Well that was Day 1 and 2, more to follow.  Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a bit of the city.

’til next time.