Finally beginning to see the light

The last year has been pretty rough for me – nothing terrible, just the all the clutter and chaos that comes from having too much stuff finally got so far on top of my I couldn’t I’m out. With the help of my fabby hubster, I’ve really started to make a dent in it. Spare room floor has seen the light of day for the first time in a while, 2 huge boxes have created stuff have been handed into the local youth club, and my storage has been restructured. I still have to finish the shelves but that can be done any weekend in the next couple of months.

One thing I’ve decided to to us to screen off an area next to the bookcase. This will enable me to hide a couple of things which still don’t have a home.

I bought this cheap screen from Amazon and some fabric to cover it in. I’ll post a progress update kind once I actually get it started…

If you’re thinking of having a clear-out, I can thoroughly recommend it; it’s quite liberating and you’ll find stuff you have forgotten all about. This year, I’m aiming to make as many things as possible from stash, and only buy things that are essential for finishing off projects.

As I’m new to this clearing out lark, I’d love to hear any hints or tips you have.

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