Woolly Bully

Woolly Bully

Just  before Christmas I treated myself to a copy of Vanessa Mooncie’s fantastic book, “Animal Heads – Trophy Heads to Crochet”.  Once I had looked through it, I wanted to make almost everything, but once I put my sensible head on and told myself I was only allowed to do one until I had some other projects finished, I decided on the bull.  It will be perfect in our bedroom, which you may recall from a previous post, will eventually have a Spanish flamenco bar feel to it.

The bull didn’t take too long to do, as he’s mainly done in chunky yarn.  Also, there weren’t too many parts to put together.  I did find my hands got a bit sore making him, especially my “holding” hand.  This is probably not helped by me being a bit hypermobile, as it’s pretty easy to overstretch fingers.

Oodles of Obliciousness - Paco

Before I added the embellishments, I had fun pretending I was Kevin Keegan with his curly hair – luckily no  photos exist. I would  have finished him last week, but I was held back a bit trying to source a wooden ring which was large enough to go in his nose.

Oodles of Obliciousness - Bull Nose


I’n not sure he’ll be to everyone’s taste, but I love him so much, in fact he’s quite possibly my favourite make to date.  At the moment he’s resting on top of one of the sofas, as he’s pretty heavy, so will need to get hold of a masonry drill to put a rawl plug in to support him.  I’d love to hear what you think of him.

OOdles of Obliciousness - Bull (finished)

As yet, he doesn’t have a name, but I’m on the case (…and open to suggestions).


  1. Great job! I tried making the stag but got discouraged but will try again. I’m currently making the zebra.

    • One of my friends wants a stag, so I’ll have a go at that next. The zebra is gorgeous – can’t wait to see your finished one, Charlotte. I’m going to do the mice too and have a perfect place for them.

  2. He looks fantastic!! Has he got a name yet? You’ll have to give him a Spanish sounding one like Fernando or Manny to fit in with your theme!

  3. Hi hun I’m trying to do this an need help I can’t get the nose right it’s coming out like a mini head or basket type thing an no matter how I try an sort it it doesnt look anything like the pic. Help needed please

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