Monthly Archives: March 2015

Mexican Cottage Pie

Everyone loves a cottage pie, so I thought I’d give it a nice Mexican twist.  The inspiration for the topping came from the wonderful Thomasina Myers, who is a bit of a hero of mine, not least because she won Masterchef.  The Mexican street food in her Wahaca restaurants is so, so good.  The last time we were in London, we ... Read More »

Sophie’s Universe – Parts 1-11

At last, a post about something that isn’t food! Last month, I kept seeing the most gorgeous crochet afghan showing up on my Instagram feed.  After investigating a bit further, I discovered the joys of a crochet along and the beautiful Sophie’s Universe.  After crochet like crazy since I returned from Sevilla (travel report still to come), I am finally ... Read More »

Chicken Pathia

Today’s recipe is one of those ones that brings back happy memories.  in the long-distant days of my late teens/early 20s, when I didn’t cook as much and the variety of available ingredients wasn’t great, this was my go-to dish in the local Indian restaurant, possibly because it contains one of my all time favourite flavours – tamarind.  Tamarind paste is pretty ... Read More »

Hot, Sweet & Sour Chicken Ramen

As it still feels like spring is a long way off, I decided another winter warmer was in order for the recipe this week.  This one is heading to the East for influence, but uses ingredients which you can easily find in your local supermarket.  There is also the added bonus that it’s all cooked in one pan, so there’s ... Read More »

Sophie’s Universe 2015 CAL – Parts 1-5

Finally, a crafty post on my new look blog! I kept seeing Sophie’s Universes popping up in my Instagram feed and was really taken by how pretty they looked.  It’s been a wee while since I’ve had a crochet project on the go (with the exception of the Granny Square a Day – hahaha -blankets I’m (not) doing). I decided to ... Read More »

Healthy Huevos Rancheros

A taste of Mexico tonight – a healthy version of huevos rancheros.  Huevos Rancheros is one of my favourite quick meals.  Traditionally eaten for breakfast, it’s one of those ones I could eat any time of the day, and one of my go-tos when I’m late getting home.  Sadly the fried corn tortilla in the traditional version makes it something ... Read More »