Chinese Lanterns

Can’t believe it has taken me 4 months to download the photos for this off my memory card. I feel like I’ve barely taken my camera anywhere this year, but maybe I was in need of a little break….anyways, onwards and upwards; I’m not going to say I’m returning to blogging, as every time I say that, it doesn’t quite ... Read More »

Finally beginning to see the light

The last year has been pretty rough for me – nothing terrible, just the all the clutter and chaos that comes from having too much stuff finally got so far on top of my I couldn’t I’m out. With the help of my fabby hubster, I’ve really started to make a dent in it. Spare room floor has seen the ... Read More »

On my desk this week – 28 May 2017

I was hoping to be back with a new recipe at the tail end of last week but I’ve been laid low with what might be whooping cough (how Dickensian!!), so I haven’t been cooking at all. Instead, it’s time for a craft update. ┬áCan’t actually show you what’s on my desk as it’s basically a heap of crap which ... Read More »

Thursday Recipes

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the recipes I’m posting here. So far I’ve been keeping it very simple, in the hope of encouraging any of you beginner cooks out there to make meals from scratch instead of reaching for a jar. Homemade is less expensive and healthier (especially regarding the sugar content), plus it doesn’t have that slightly ... Read More »